• Our Mission Statement
    Valley Virtual Remote Learning Academy, an online public community school, strives to foster nurturing partnerships among parents, students and staff, collaborating to create an educational environment that prepares students for success in the 21st century.
    For more information or to make a report, please contact Jack Zocolo at j.zocolo@esceasternohio.org
    Jack Zocolo
    330.533.8755 ext. 1209
    IDEA Public Meeting - Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 1:00pm  Zoom Link
     IDEA public meeting
  • We Believe...
    • All students can learn when given optimum learning experiences.
    • All students can reach higher levels of achievement.
    • Technology is a tool that enhances learning and affords students choices on how to approach their education.
    • The school's program should be challenging.  Students are expected to work online 27 hours per week to include online time, testing, and any lab time.
  • Our Goals...
    • To provide a quality learning options to all students.
    • To create a learning environment that incorporates the best resources from a variety of media
    • To provide a learning system that creates partnerships between educators, parents, and caretakers. 
    • To expose students to a variety of vocational opportunities that enhance their prospects for successful employment.
    • To provide an educational support system based on the Ohio state standards for "at-risk" students in a residential facility. 
  • Our Program...
    • Curriculum for grades 6-12 in all core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science) as well as a variety of HS electives.
    • Computer hardware including a content appropriate and filtered Internet connection.
    • Experienced and properly certified/licensed staff, including regular education instructors, special education instructors, school counselor and a school psychologist.  Behavior coaches and technical support personnel are also employed to the educational program.
    • A learning environment that incorporates the best resources from a variety of media, including online learning.