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What is 22+?

22+ is an ODE (Ohio Department of Education) program.  22+ provides the opportunity to earn a traditional High School diploma to adults who are:

22 or older

Residents of Ohio

Adults earn needed credit based on reviewing current transcript (A records request is sent to your last school).  In conjunction with Valley Virtual's School Counselor and 22+ Admin, adults have the support and directive to open up the doors in employment and career options.

Click here to view more information about four of Ohio's Options for a high school diploma.

Overview of 22+

  • You only have to finish what you need based on what you didn't finish or pass 
  • You have to complete any state test (based on what was in place during your original time in HS)
  • You have two years to complete your work AND any testing (a year starts in August and ends in June)
  • You work on courses online with a login
  • You have support from Valley Virtual via calls, emails, and weekly lab time (not required)
  • You will have to move forward to complete work to remain in 22+
  • You get your diploma as soon as you complete the needed coursework and pass state tests (if you have any) 

Sue Forsythe is the Admin for Valley Virtual's 22+ program.  Please email Sue with questions or interest in the program.  Her email is  

Application info is below.

22+ Forms


Q: Is the 22+ program free?

A: Yes, the classes are completely free to Ohio residents over the age of 22 wishing to enter the program.

Q: Will I receive a GED or diploma?

A: You will receive a diploma distributed to you by Valley Virtual as a graduate from that year.

Q: Do I have to come into the lab?

A: You do NOT have to come into the lab except for state testing.

Q: What state tests do I have to take?

A: This is dependent on your transcripts and when you were last enrolled in high-school. Typical state tests are either the OGTs or End of the Course Exams.

Q: Do I have to come into the lab for state tests?

A: Yes, currently you have to come into the lab located in Canfield, OH to complete the state tests.

Q: When are the State tests?

A: You will get notified through email, and/or our automated one call weeks in advance giving you a heads-up.

Q: How do I get my transcripts?

A: The School Counselor at Valley Virtual will request transcripts from your previous school. The time frame in which we receive these vary, depending on the school and if you were previously out of state or if the school is no longer active.

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Email or call Valley Virtual to schedule an appointment

Q: What do I need to enroll?

A: A form of identification (driver's license), proof of residence (bill or something similar with your name and address to verify you are an Ohio resident, birth certificate.

Q: When can I work on my courses?

A: Anytime 24/7.  The classes are always open for you to work around your schedule. Although we do close the courses in July-August for yearly maintenance.

Q: Am I required to put in a certain amount of hours a week?

A: No, but you will have to make sure you stay on pace to reach 60% of finished courses in the first year.

Q: How long do I have to complete my courses?

A: 2 years to complete all state tests and courses.  However, students must complete 60% of classes after year 1 to be considered for year 2